Maree Gifkins


Havelock North

New Zealand

Maree’s Art

All pantings are hand painted by Maree Gifkins 

If you would like to purchase one or have one painted to your ideas or design

please email for a quote. 


Ancient Art

 For 3 years from 2001- 2003 Maree was fortunate to be asked to sit and paint with Aboriginal Elders/Artist in Charleville outback Australia.


Aboriginal art is an ancient method of carrying information. The Australian Aborigines have used these unmistakable characteristic dots and lines to depict stories and myths, to document meetings and to leave messages for each other for thousands and thousands of years.


For someone who has been passionately involved with the Mayan Calendar since 1996 it was a natural extension for Maree to employ the spirit of ancient art forms as a way of representing the symbols of the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar and the Dreamspell.

In creating each of her images Maree has meditated on the original symbol, the energy it carries and the story it tells. The resulting images are a unified and beautiful combination of two cultures from two continents.

Original 16 x 16 $350

Canvas Image

16” x 16”  $150


10 x 10 $16

6 x 4 $3



Dreamspell Solar Seals

Tzolkin Solar Seals

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Original 20 x 16 $500

Canvas Image

20” x 16”  $160


10 x 8 $16

6 x 4 $3

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