Maree Gifkins


Havelock North

New Zealand

Maree’s Art

Maree Gifkins

All these sacred energies and experiences have enriched Maree's understanding of the spiritual world around her and around this planet and adds a quality of sacred wisdom and love to her consultations, courses and Art

Maree has experienced many privileges in this life time, including raising 3 children.  

For around 7 years she has traveled and meditated in sacred places most people only dream about. Experiences in spiritual awakenings most people have only read about.   Visiting high energy sacred spots around the world, from Buddhist temples in Thailand to sacred valleys of the Incas.   Spent time on the  Island of the Sun in Bolivia, Greek Temples and Monasteries in Greece, to living in the outback of Australia for several years.  

In 2008  Maree was also blessed with the honour of working on,

not 1 but 2 very prestigeous

Swami's of India with Foot Joint Mobilisation.

In 2011 Maree was sharing with a group where she worked with the Elders of the Aboriginals and the Mariors.  

Maree also had the honour of helping the well respected

SilverBird Nedni Apache/Cherokee,

Peace Ambassador for the World

Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji

of Rishikesh

Swami Sundanand of Dharali  

Silver Bird